See dark grey menu area on the left for "Login, Register, and Password Reminder".


  • Click on "Register" at your left if you are a new IEC representative. You will receive an email in response verifying receipt of the request. You should use your company or business email address, not a Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL or other email. Once approved you will receive another email verifying your access. 
  • Login with your private username and password and new menu items will become available on the left to access all of IEC's literature, IEC Expert, Encompass and download the IEC ratings program.
  •  EnCompass is our online ordering program and requires a separate registration process. The menu tab for EnCompass will appear on the left once you have signed in with your Rep username and password. You are required to have a gmail email account to register for EnCompass. Also, EnCompass is not supported in browsers other than Internet Explorer.
  • Contact if you have difficulties


  • Click on "Register" at your left. You can contact your local IEC rep by using the REP LOCATOR on the home page prior to registering. There is a blank in the registration form to indicate which Rep company referred you and we will contact them to approve your registration. Once approved, engineers will be able to download and use the IEC ratings program. Use "Password Reminder" should it be required at any time.
  • Contact if you have issues.

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